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Catie Caitlin

Golden Retriever and cancer

Catie Caitlin

The Riley Files 2

July 3rd, 2010 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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Something strange is going on.

The dog eating machine has been working overtime the last couple of days as Mom and Dad – in a flurry of activity totally unlike their usual selves – as the treasure-trove of fur balls Catie and I carefully tucked away in the house were hunted out.

There are open suitcases on the beds.

Mom’s got that crazed look in her eyes she gets when she’s stressed. Her hair is sticking out every which way. Mom’s been obsessing about hurricanes.

This is not good. We don’t get hurricanes in the prairies.

It takes me a while to figure it all out. There’s been a lot of talk about our human sister’s wedding. There’s been a lot of talk about Cuba. I thought at first they were talking about one of the world’s best actors until I realized there were referring to a place.

“Dude, you and Catie can’t come,” Mom says. She gives us extra cookies.

I’ve scoped out Cuba on the internet while Mom’s been crazy with packing and housework. Beaches. Water. I see no reason Catie and I can’t come so we get dressed in our beach gear.


Mom feels sad but she tells us it’s only for a week. We’re off this morning to a kennel-free kennel where my pre-vet cousin works and I won’t have access to a computer for a little while.

Since we can’t be at the wedding, Catie wants me to post a picture of her with the bride-to-be.

Since I won’t be writing for a bit, here’s a a pic of ME!

Have a great week everyone!

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5 Comments so far ↓

  • etgayle

    oh riley, i say ‘not fair’ that you can’t go to the beach too!! don’t worry about those slouching trunks…maybe it’s a ‘clothing optional’ beach…you could really ‘be the man’ at a place like that!! hope your stay with the pre-vet cousin works out…is there plenty of ice cream there?? i’m starting to worry that you and catie may be ice cream deprived before the week is over……oh, and by the way, that bride is a real cutie too!!


  • jerry

    Cuba sounds nice but it’s too hot there right now. I pawsonally would rather be chowing down ice cream and getting spoiled rotten with my peeps.

    Have fun! And congrats to the cousin, what a place to get married!

  • jerry

    Oh duh, I just saw it’s not your cuz that’s getting hitched, it’s your skin sister.

  • anyemery

    Wow! I can’t believe your mom would leave you behind when she’s going to a beach! I say that means extra triple power treats when she gets back! Ice cream, cheese, and anything else you want!!
    Just thinking about it…I think I’ll go tell my mom I deserve some treats now, too…
    Hugs to you and Catie, Riley!
    Holly Jolly

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    Hey Riley – first of all I have to say that I read your Riley files 1 and found it completely hysterical. Boy did I need that laugh but I’m also quite sure that my husband thinks I’m going crazy as I sat there at my computer reading your files and laughing quite loudly 🙂
    Secondly, the bride-to-be (by now is the bride) is so adorable and the two of you are quite photogenic together. Thirdly, you and Catie look like bathing beauties in your swim attire – I hope your trunks didn’t fall off – that might have been an embarrassing moment for you.
    Hope your mom had a great week and when she comes home you get lots of treats and ice cream!!

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