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Catie Caitlin

Golden Retriever and cancer

Catie Caitlin

January 13 2011 – Catie’s One-Year Ampuversary

January 12th, 2011 · 16 Comments · Uncategorized

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The Eve of Catie’s Surgery –ย January 12 2010

…Even if I forget sometimes, Catie and Riley have taught me that each day, each moment is a gift; that we humans would be wise to treat all our loved ones with the same delight and tail-wagging enthusiasm whenever we see one another; that money is just money and what’s the point of having any if we can’t spend it on those we cherish; and that life is oh-so-precious and so worth living and fighting for.

The Eve of Catie’s One-Year Ampuversary – January 12 2011

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16 Comments so far ↓

  • maximutt

    Congratulations Catie! One year is quite a milestone!

  • credocanis

    Absolutely beautiful, Carmen. I’m counting my blessings, day by day. Congratulations Catie!! I hope you get lots of cheese and ice cream and naps.

    We’ll be celebrating here for you, for sure, and we’ll remember to count our blessings too.

    Much love from Lincoln and I.


  • Dane Mom Sue

    One year! What an awesome accomplishment, Catie! We wish you many, many more ampuversaries and a hoppy, healthy 2011.

    Sue and Nova

  • Dane Mom Sue

    One year! What an awesome accomplishment, Catie! We wish you many, many more ampuversaries and a hoppy, healthy 2011.

    Sue and Nova

  • admin

    each moment is a gift

    That’s why they call it the Present! Thanks for the reminder.

    Hoppy Ampuversary Beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • coopsdad

    One year! how great is that Catie?? Hoppy one year ampuversray!!

  • cometdog

    WOWSA! That’s was terr-if-ic! Love the video! It’s so you! Swwwweeeeeetttt! I think Bing wrote that song for you!

    Catie you are a blessed super star! One year! It’s a wonderful, wonderful time to celebrate! And we will!

    LOVE LICKS from me,

    P.S. Tell your mom to check her calendar – we can clearly see it’s your ampuversary!

  • griffr

    what a lovely start to the morning to see this ๐Ÿ™‚
    lots of love from Mitch Rog Io and Cobweb xxxx

  • etgayle

    leave it to you guys and bing crosby to remind us what’s really important. congrats on a wonderful year, you are a hero!!

    charon & gayle

  • maggie

    What a great video tribute to you, Catie! Your Mom did fabulous going thru the seasons…I loved it…thanks for sharing your Tripawd world with us!

    Wishing you many, many, MANY more ampuversaries!

    Tracy & Maggie

  • Ginger

    One year – that is just pawsome. We will be counting our many blessings right along with you, with some extra treats thrown in for an even bigger celebration.

    Golden hugs and kisses to you!
    Ginger and her pack

    P.S. Give Riley a little lovin’ from us too!!

  • GerrysMom

    Rhoohoo! Hoppy ampuversary, Catie!!! You go, girl : )

  • anyemery

    Happy Ampuversary, Catie! You and Riley and your mom always inspire us. We’re so happy for your big ONE YEAR, and even though we’re a little late chiming in our well wishes we will celebrate with you. (my mom had your ampuversary on her calendar, so we did get extra treats on the 13th…. but we’re also sure she’ll give us more now that she’s seen your wonderful video!)
    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

  • jerry


    Pardon my tardiness to the pawty, but my Mom is a slacker and just now got her act together. We are so so hoppy for your big achievement, and will happily extend the pawty another week or two or three! xoxo

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    I’ve already posted on the forum but I just have to say it again – how wonderful that Catie Caitlin is celebrating her 1 year ampuversary!! Whoo hoo!!! We just couldn’t be happier knowing how well Catie is doing. And what a beautiful video – I just love the words – count your blessings. Obviously we all have so many blessings to count.
    Lots of golden hugs to you.

    Kami, Angel Mackenzie and Kobe

  • fortisdad

    Happy belated Ampuversary sweet Catie. One year is amazing. We are wishing you many many more ๐Ÿ™‚

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